GTUK One Step Semi-free Sparring

General Points to start.......

The attacker lines up to the defender in the same way as 3 step sparring, he
or she then goes back into a left walking stance low block. When he or she is
ready to attack, the attacker must shout and wait for the defender to respond
with a shout before the attack can begin.This is only done on one side, i.e. not
like one step sparring.


Number 1 - At Red Tag

Attacker: Step forward into a right walking stance high obverse punch.

Defender: Step backwards into a left walking stance high outer forearm
obverse block, followed by a front snap kick from the back leg, making sure you
'fall' forward after the kick, into a walking stance guarding block.

Attacker: Not moving the feet, perform a low reverse outer forearm block,
then counter with a low front snap kick from the front leg to the lower abdomen,
placing the kicking leg behind you into a right L-stance guarding block.

Kihap on the kick.

Number 2

Attacker: Steps forward into a right walking stance high
obverse forefist punch.

Defender: Backwards into a left walking stance high section
double forearm block, followed by reverse high flat fingertip thrust.

Attacker: Flying turning kick with the right leg to the
solar plexus (Myong Chi) while moving to the left.

Kihap on the kick.

Number 3 - At Red Belt

Attacker: Step forward low front snap kick form the right

Defender: Step backwards into a left walking stance
performing an x-fist pressing block followed by middle reverse punch with the
right hand.

Attacker: Before you land the kicking leg, block with a
reverse outer forearm block quickly followed by a high obverse punch with the
right hand as the right foot hits the ground.

Kihap on this punch.

Number 4

Attacker: Step forward middle side piercing kick from the
back (right) leg. Land in sitting stance an perform a back elbow thrust with the
left elbow.

Defender: Assume a left L-stance while dodging to the
outside of the kick, performing an outwards knifehand strike to the back on the

Defender: Step forward with your right foot then left foot
(Double stepping), pivot on the right and perform a high turning kick with the
left leg.

Kihap on the turning kick.

Number 5


Attacker: Step foward into a right fixed stance middle
forefist side punch.

Defender: Assume a left rear foot stance forearm guarding
block. Pivot on the right foot executing a high reverse turning kick with the
left leg.

Attacker: Execute a high grasping block. Step your left leg
behind your right into an x-stance while still holding the leg. This should push
your hips through the opponent causing him or her to fall to the floor. Direct
the leg aside and perform a low side piercing kick with the right leg to the

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