Louise says:

Great friendly club, really care for the kids and give them extra help if they need it!

Jay says:

Brilliant classes for children of all ages. My boys are new to martial arts, but are loving it so far. A great way to get fit, learn self defence, discipline and have fun at the same time. Lovely friendly family run TaeKwon-Do school. I'm sure my boys will continue to do well and enjoy their Tuesdays with the Auciello's!

Laura says:

The teachers are excellent, really welcoming and the kids love it, great for improving self confidence and making new friends, and progressing through the levels, good for girls and boys of all ages, professional, caring, happy people.


Arriana says:

Tyler had been doing Taekwondo for a year now. He joined as he was interested in doing it and to build his confidence as he was not very confident before. Also has a brother with ADHD/autism who is rough with him and hurts him and now he can stand up to him with his new confidence. So thankyou for giving him the confidence. He loves doing Taekwondo and loves coming to every session.


Nikky says:
My eldest son has been taught Taekwon Do by Mr Auciello for just over a year. He's never been a shrinking violet, but his self-discipline was all over the place, especially at school. Since he has been learning Taekwon Do his behaviour has changed dramatically. He no longer loses all his school 'golden time' due to rough play at playtimes, he respects his fellow pupils and plays better with them.  Stamford GTUK Taekwon Do is a family run club and that runs right through it's core. The pupils have a great feeling of belonging and that can extend to their parents too.  My youngest child has been desperate to start classes and, fortunately, we only have another 4 months before he too can take part (when he turns 5 years old).  A very welcoming group of people who have very much to offer your child in learning a new skill, new language, self-discipline, confidence, manners, and so much more.    

Emily says:
I've been a member of Stamford GTUK for over 10 years now. I started as quite a shy timid character, with limited movement in my left hip, yet under the superb coaching of Mr. Auciello my confidence grew dramatically as did my flexibility and I can now say I am a very proud member of the GTUK England Squad. The club has a very welcoming atmosphere and literally has no barriers to age, gender or abilty. Being a young girl when I started I was hesitant that it would be hard for me to join in with the boys, but the way Mr. Auciello runs the club, that really wasn't a problem at all and I got stuck in straight away.  Self defence is an important aspect to lessons, which is always taught with the concept of real life situations in mind. Mr. Auciello teaches in such a way that we can apply what we learn to real, possible situations, which allows us to gain a better solid understanding. Lessons in general are fun and dynamic, and can soon become to feel like a home away from home. (just with a much larger family)    

Kathy says:
My son Graham started after being bullied at school and having been given a diognosis of Aspergers and Tourettes. He had no balance, confidence and his self esteem was zero. He started in Feb 2002 and hasn't looked back he has been so well supported and encouraged and through Tae kwondo has won 2 awards for his achievements. He is now 17 and attends every week (when he's not having a bad week) still enjoying this time with people who don't judge him but just accept him as Graham! I would recommend this to anyone who has similar problems and to any young person looking for a sporting activity which is fun.    

Anna says:
A truly inspiring club! The children are taught as individuals according to their individual needs, the support, enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism is second to none. My children are growing in confidence due to becoming members of this team and we are very proud parents. Mr Auciello, his team of instructors, black belts and not forgetting Mrs A are dedicated to acieving the best for their students, go along and give it a try, you'll be hooked!!! I cannot recommend them enough.

Marie says:
My daughter has been a student of GTUK Stamford for approximately 2 years. I initially started her in Tae Kwon Do due to a problem with her balance and she suffered with confidence. In those two years my 9 year old has bloomed in confidence and finds her balance considerably better. After having a bowel op she had to have 6 months off last year and was hesitant to go back as she thought she would of forgotten everything. With a bit of the GTUK magic she soon got back into the swing of things and will hopefully gain her black belt next year.  She has gained so much from the club. The instructors have been fantastic not only in the way they teach but the support that has got her through the lows of thinking she could not do it! For any child with lack of confidence, dispraxia or any other problems I can 100% recommend. My daughter has also had the help and support need without being singled out or made to feel any different to any of her peers. You recieve constant updates and it has become rather like an extended family.    

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